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Smart Meter Guard Reviews | Totally Blocks Radio Frequency Radiations


Smart Meter Guard Product Review

Smart Meter Guard Reviews that will remind you about learning the possible long-term negative effects of Smart Meter Radiation. It is very concerning, especially to those people whose topmost care is their health and safety. Having to live with the everyday worries that something bad might happen to you due to the hazardous effects of the smart meter install in your house is a pain.

About Smart Meter Guard

Safety First Shields was created in 2012 due to the enormous demand of individuals who do not want to be exposed to the Radio Frequency, RF, EMF emitted by smart meters on their homes.

Smart Meter Guard is a very smart solution that has been in the market to help people stay away from any dangerous EMF radiation. If you’re a meticulous consumer that is very particular with quality and effectivity, then this product is built for you.

What are Frequency Radiation

If you frequently worry about your health and your family’s health, then Smart meter guard is the one for you. It has a lot of cool features that will give solutions to your everyday concerns. As we all know that Smart meter releases a significant amount of EMF radiation that is very lethal to our health.


A study also shows that being exposed to EMF Radiation for a long period of time will cause Health rirks. This includes headaches, lack of focus, low energy, diarrhea, fever and worst, it increases the risk of having Cancer and other risky health complications. Terrifying, isn’t it? Well, that’s where Smart Meter Guard comes in and takes away all your worries.


How Smart Mart Guard Works

Smart Meter Guard is proven and tested by many to give a superb radiation blocking power. It may look simple at first glance, but it works its magic. What you will also love about this product is the quality of the material itself. It is highly durable and authentic. It is made very simple for the consumer to not worry about the assembly and the installation. You can easily place it on top of the Smart Meter, tighten the screw to keep it from moving, and you’re done.

A smart meter cover such blocks the Radio Frequency radiation emitted by a smart meters from 90% to 95%. It enables enough signal out to where the power company to gets its measurements. Considerably decreases the radiation yield by 90% to 95% that puts your family at risk.t after using a Smart Meter Guard. The radiation however, goes straight around the box to your home. Once you’ve put a Smart Meter Guard over your smart meters and tightly tied against the metal box. The Smart Meter Guard holds and cage these emitted radiation on a large percentage.



Smart Meter Guard Product Features

Here are Smart Meter Guard key features that you will absolutely love:


  • It blocks up to 98% of the EMF radiation from your meter guard. It uses a special Faraday cage technology that is proven and tested by the professionals to effectively block radiation waves.
  • Smart Meter Guard is precisely made to have no EMF Radiation leakage.
  • Since this product is made from the USA, it is extremely durable and will undoubtedly last longer compare to the other brand. Smart Meter Guard packaging indicates that this is made to last anywhere from 10-15 years or even longer.
  • It won’t rust even after an extreme exposure to rain or sunshine because the material is made using a high-grade stainless-steel.
  • Worry-free installation, no assembling, and no drilling needed.
  • It is designed to fit all the round Smart Meters in Canada and in the US.
  • Given its effectivity and superb radiation blocking power, it is sold for a very reasonable price.


Final Verdict ?

Our verdict on this Smart Meter guard reviews,  smart meters  produces a harmful result to the people that are being expose to it. Thus, as a consumer, you need to be smarter, that is why without any doubt. I would highly recommend having Smart Meter Guard to guard you and your family’s health from harmful radiations around your house.

For those parents who have kids, it is also critical that you protect your kids from extreme exposure to radiation because they are more vulnerable compare to the adults.  In this fast-pace changing world, we certainly need to make sure that we never forget to look after our health, because it is the only wealth that we can’t easily buy.


9.7 Total Score
Undeniably the market leader

Smart Meter Guard really deliver what its used to, an effective way to eliminate RF Radiation in your house.

  • Blocks RF Radiations as promised
  • Easy installation
  • Market leader
  • Stand out against lower cost competitors
  • May cost much versus its competitors
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