Best Contact Lenses of 2021 | Best Contact Lens by Types

There are so many contact lenses available, that finding a new lens that suits you is a bit daunting task. Not sure what to first pick? To get started use this short guide – in this article we run down the best contact lenses on the market today. We list each of the best contact lenses according to their type and usage.

The Best Contact Lenses of 2021


Best Overall: Bausch & Lomb ULTRA

Bausch & Lomb ULTRA

You deserve contact lenses that are easy to wear on your dry eyes, whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have another refractive mistake. ULTRA contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb are made of silicone hydrogel which allows more oxygen to pass through the lens and enter your eye.

MoistureSeal Technology of the lenses makes them keep up 95% of their moisture for a full 16 hours. This plus their improved breathability makes these lenses a fantastic choice for those working on a screen for long hours or anyone with dry eyes trying to find the right all-around lenses.


Best Budget: CooperVision Biofinity Lenses

CooperVision Biofinity Lenses

The Biofinity Lenses from CooperVision have an advanced degree of comfort in an affordable monthly contact lens. These lenses use Aquaform Comfort Science technology to combine high intensity oxygen with a material that is naturally wet glass. The result is a pair of contacts which keep your eyes healthy, white and moist throughout the day. Indeed, the Biofinitys are made from quality silicone hydrogel, but they are a fraction of comparable lens prices.


Best Daily: Alcon Dailies Total1

Regular contact lenses provide many benefits for people with dry eyes. For one, you don’t have to think about cleaning and storing them every night (improper cleaning of your contacts can lead to protein accumulation on the lenses, which can make dry eyes worse). Alcon’s Dailies Total1 disposable lenses are the contacts of choice for those who want the comfort and convenience of everyday contacts.

Using a water gradient technique, these lenses produce a layer of moisture over your eye surface. They have plenty of breathability for maximum comfort and 33% water content-perfect for dry-eyed lens wearers.


Best Weekly: Hydrogel Vision Extreme H2O Soft Contact Lenses

Extreme H2O 54% 13.6

For people with dry eyes who want fresh contacts more than once a month but don’t want to fork out the extra cash for dailies, disposable weekly contacts are another great choice. Vision lenses by Hydrogel have an outstanding water content and premium breathability for a comfortable fit during the week.

Hydrogel’s lenses can be worn for a week or two before throwing them out. Their water content of 54% is great for dry-eyed wearers. The lens is also designed to improve moisture retention, and they are ultra-durable, so when you clean them, they are less likely to tear out.

Hydrogel fans said those lenses minimized their redness and grittiness with dry eyes, and they liked the beauty and comfort of these weekly contacts.


Best Multifocal: Alcon Air Optix Aqua Multifocal


Multifocal contact lenses provide different lens functions to accommodate deficiencies in both near and far vision. They ‘re useful for people over 40 who also struggle with nearsightedness as well as farsightedness. In comparison to bifocals, which have a rapid transition between the two they give a more gradual transition between near and far correction. Alcon ‘s Air Optix Aqua Multifocal Lenses are monthly contacts for the dry eyes which correct near and far vision.

These contacts have a water content of 33 per cent, providing dry or gritty eyes with comfort. Their SmartShield technology works to keep out sticky dirt, pollen, and other contaminants while retaining a premium level of dry eye moisture.

Dry eye users said they were the best multifocal contact lenses they ‘d ever used, saying the contacts felt soft and gave them good vision during the day.


Best for Astigmatism: Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism


Contact lenses aren’t out of the question just because you have astigmatism, a disorder that happens when the cornea or lens of your eye has an irregular curve. It can cause issues for both your close and far vision, and if you don’t find the right pair, the contact lenses will become very uncomfortable. The Oasys for Astigmatism by Acuvue was built with both dry eyes and astigmatism in mind.

The Oasys for Astigmatism lenses use the company’s Accelerated Stabilization System to avoid the rotation or falling out of the lenses when you blink. They also have a water content of 38% to encourage moisture, and the Hydraclear Plus system works to keep the lenses clean and watery.

Best for Sensitive Eyes: Dailies AquaComfort Plus


It’s difficult to wear contacts with dry eyes, but if your eyes are especially sensitive it is even harder. You may experience extreme redness, allergy itchiness and a gritty feeling all day long — and wearing the wrong contacts might make the situation even worse.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus lenses have all the benefits of everyday contacts, plus blink-activated moisturizing agents which keep your eyes wet all day. The agents are composed of ingredients typically used in eye drops.

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Best Colored Contacts: Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors

Colored contacts are a quick way to get your look changed in a few seconds. They are perfect for Halloween, parties or just to improve your everyday look. It’s not easy to find a pair that caters to dry eyes, but the Air Optix Colors lenses are built to hold moisture in and out of debris.

SmartShield Technology works to protect against the deposits of protein surfaces that build up over time, which can make dry eyes worse. They come in subtle shades like Gray and Honey or, like Amethyst and Gemstone Gold, attentive colors.

After reading reviews like this one, make sure you take a step back and put your particular needs. Do you have other brands in mind that should be in our list? Please let us know down the comment below.



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